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4 Best Unisex Gnc Mass Gainers For Ultimate Gains

If we categorize people into two main groups as per their fitness goals, then the first one is the group that wants to lose weight and build muscles, and the second group is the one that wants to gain weight. If you are a part of the second category and are looking to gain weight in a healthy way, then this article will be really beneficial for you. Including a mass gainer in your routine will give you the right balance of nutrients and extra calories needed by your body to gain weight.

A mass gainer is a supplement that provides carbohydrates, protein, and fat and it is aimed at increasing the muscle mass of your body. GNC weight gainer is one of the most popular supplements in India. It comes with the promise of great quality and delivers amazing results. GNC is always known for its purest ingredients. Mass gainers are great for people with a fast metabolism who are hard gainers.

Read the list of the 4 bestselling unisex GNC mass gainers that’ll give you best results.

GNC Pro Performance weight gainer

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer is one of the top selling weight gainer supplements in India. It is known for its amazing ingredients and delivers great results. Start building muscle scientifically with GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer. It is available in 3 flavors – dark chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, and double chocolate.

It provides the extra calories needed for muscle gain without adding any excess fat to your body. Each serving provides 2200 calories, 73 g of high quality protein, 440 g of carbohydrates, and it is also enriched with the goodness of BCAAs. If your fitness goal is to gain weight in a healthy way, then this is the perfect supplement. It is a vegetarian formula that mixes instantly and tastes great.

GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX

If you are looking to include a GNC weight gainer in your routine that’ll give your fitness an edge, then do check out GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX. A high quality mass gainer that not just provides extra calories, but also has the right blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy.

Each serving provides 748 calories and 50 g of high quality protein. It has an additional 3 g creatine that helps in improving training results and supports muscle protein synthesis. GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX also has the goodness of essential amino acids and BCAAs that help support your body after intense workouts. It comes in 2 variants – chocolate and vanilla.

All you have to do is mix 4 heaped scoops with 250 ml water or chilled milk and blend well to get all the benefits and gain weight in a healthy way.

GNC Beyond Raw Re-Build Mass XP

When listing the best unisex GNC mass gainers, we cannot forget the super popular GNC Beyond Raw Re-Build Mass XP. It is a hyper anabolic mass gainer that contains clinically studied ingredients known to improve muscle size, strength, and athletic performance. It also features a complex carbohydrate blend to fuel strenuous workouts and give you that extra pump.

Each serving of GNC Beyond Raw Re-Build Mass XP provides 880 calories, 60 g high quality whey protein with a combination of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolyzed, 140 g carbohydrates, and 16 g BCAAs. It comes in 2 classic flavors – chocolate and vanilla and is known for its proven results.

GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340

Last but not the least in this list is GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340. It is a high quality protein formula that helps you increase muscle size and enhances your overall body strength. If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, then increasing your daily protein intake will be really helpful. And with GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 you can get the additional calories and protein in each serving.

It is a scientifically proven formula that provides 1340 nutrient dense calories, 50 g high quality protein for muscle building, 10 g of glutamine, and 11 g BCAAs that support muscle function. It tastes great and mixes instantly without leaving any residue. Mix 4 heaped scoops with 250 ml cold water or milk. For best results have 1 – 2 servings per day.

You can buy all these GNC mass gainers and go through other product categories on the official website –

Get the best advice from your doctor about which GNC weight gainer to include in your routine. To avoid any side effects, make sure to stick to the mentioned dosage on the package and do not consume excess amounts.

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