Wed. Jun 16th, 2021
Recent Cyber-Attacks On Uk Power Grid Reflects Our Vulnerability Against Them

The 21st century has advanced significantly in terms of resource usage. As technology has come up with significant ways to utilize the available utilities for mankind’s progress, it has also made way for the darker side of the web to flourish. With every increase in demand for goods, the need for the energy and power sector has unceasingly increased. To make ways for these demands, the main grids are under constant modifications for improvements. The modern era has been more of exploitation of resources rather than their sustainable usage. This exploitation has made way for higher vulnerability against foreign attacks.

There have been reports of main power grid failures more than they have been in the recent few years. Not only storms and cyclones but the power grids are now under attacks of malware planted by cyberpunks, to breach the security, get hold of the system and its data. This has caused a lot many data breaches in recent has also made alternative systems like click here a preferable choice among the users. There has been a rise in cyber attacks in the UK power grids in the last few years.

Case 1 :

The BSC code is a company that keeps the record book of all the consumers, their power usage, and funds transfers. Recently it suffered a major setback due to malware attacks. This affected their email operations and resulted in a shutdown of the network completely. The problem was detected after 4 hours and caused a disruption affecting the internal network systems.

As per sources, the identified cause of this malware break-in is said to be the use of outdated versions. The company had been running on an outdated SSL VPN version, which eventually helped the breach turn successful.

Factors affecting the security of Power Grids

This has opened the eyes to how vulnerable we have been to these cyber attacks. Despite constant improvements in these systems, there is a need to bolster the security measures better against these attacks. There have been various factors that are causing these attacks to increase inevitably. The main factors that are causing it are:

  • Outdated systems are the main cause of worry, as mentioned in the case earlier. The older systems tend to be more prone to attacks than the new ones since the updated ones have parse packages installed. These packages seal out any gaps and loopholes in the older systems.
  • The improved malware upgrades require a higher order of system alerts and more frequent maintenance. Manual carelessness is one of the crucial factors that play a role in system breaches.

Since 2017, there have been constant reports of hacks in the power sector and water utility data thefts all across the globe. This is a significant loss of user data and has many after-effects. The National Cyber Security of the UK issued a warning to the major companies in 2018 for security bolstering of their system defenses.

  • As the systems are moving from manual to automatic systems, the power grids are being connected to several public and private sources. This puts them exposed to attacks. One of the major causes of these attacks is the reluctance on spending over the security and maintenance of these security systems.
  • Phishing scams and fraud have caused a lot more system breaches than any other path. This has been through the use of email spoofing techniques, click baits, and much more. The connectivity to the internet makes these systems an easy target by hackers.

Alternative systems

The rise in the number of system infrastructure failures has worsened in recent times. This has also made way for alternative backup power systems, fuel-powered generators. The major type of generator that is preferred worldwide is a diesel generator, a more durable continuous source of power.  There are innumerable benefits of these systems. Given below are some of those benefits :

Maintains productivity

The reason why the majority of firms shut down every year is due to a lack of productivity. This is usually due to power supply shortages and frequent outages. Diesel generators ensure a continuous supply of power for production units and businesses. This meets their fluctuating demand for power. Diesel generators are insurance against any losses.

Quick start-up times

The one technology that meets the demands of rapid start and capacity handling is diesel generators. These systems offer a time delay of fewer than 10 seconds with instant full load handling. Furthermore, it has an automatic startup and needs no or minimal manual assistance. This makes diesel generators an option of value.

Mobility benefits

Sometimes businesses and production units need a portable power facility. It may be for constructional purposes or some other.  By installing a diesel generator, you could ensure a good amount of continuous power supply for big events as well as domestic purposes with minimal requirements. It also enables you to use these units for mobile purposes, office parties, and celebration events.

Better fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is the amount of output per unit of fuel given. Better fuel efficiency would mean more power produced for less fuel input. This is one of the most desired qualities as it makes these power sources the most reliable ones. When a diesel generator is compared with its counterparts, it produces twice the kilowatts of power produced. A high density of power production means that lesser fuel consumption.


The increase in the need for power has resulted in better upgrades for systems. The alternative sources of power have also made backup systems like diesel generators an asset for the purpose. The market trends also suggest the rise in demand for backup systems in the coming times. This has been evident in the last couple of years. If you are looking to employ a continuous source of power, make sure you buy a system that suits your power requirements and several other factors. After all, this is an investment of value and meant for long-term returns. When you make the correct decision, nothing can stop you from growth. So, trust your guts, and go for it.



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