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What Are The Top 15 Tools For Social Media Account Management?

Social media, for its high approbation, could be an opportunity for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Nearly 75% of consumers are interested in brands that are active on various social media networks. Social media marketing agency Columbus Ohio uses some of the best tools to engage your brand and represent it.

According to Columbus Ppc Company, tools could prove to be extremely beneficial in managing social media accounts. It is time-saving too. It helps you to get innovative content, and you can easily beat your competitors.

However, social media marketing agency Columbus advises you to go for a free trial and sign up for a test drive before approval.

Here are the best 15 Social media accounts managing tools to help you out:

Tools play a pivotal role in reporting, finding the right audience, analytics, streamlining workflows, and content publication. Numerous tools are available on the market. One needs to play smart in selection. Some social media tools are beneficial for micro and small businesses, whereas others help in large ones.

Try out Buffer:

Buffer is unique in its way, and because of its qualities like intuition, friendliness, streamlining, various individuals, businesses, brands, and agencies trust it.

You can use this tool for your team collaboration, engagement, and publishing more effectively and efficiently. Generally, it provides a 14-day free trial. Other packages include $15, $90, $190, and $390 on a monthly basis.

Check Sprout Social:

Monitor your social media via Sprout Social. It is useful for its CRM or Customer Relationship Management feature. You can have a complete customer profile that can make the tie stronger.

This tool is unique for its accuracy in managing reports. You hardly require editing them because they are great. You can access a 30-day free tryout here.

Go For Sendible:

Sendible helps agencies with many clients. By using this tool, you can simply attract your clients by customizing your dashboard.

This social media account managing tool is so impressive because it has some unique integration. For example, Youtube search, the graphic editor called CANVA, and no royalty image search. You can apply automation too to avoid repetition of tasks. The charge may vary from $20 to $290.

Check Agora Pulse:

You can use Agora Pulse as an all-rounder social media management tool. Enjoy features like responding, scheduling, competitor analysis, reporting, and apps like Facebook to increase your brand value.

This tool is quite affordable for all.

Heard of Social Pilot?

Social Pilot is a fabulous tool for social media marketing agencies. Unfortunately, it cannot monitor like other tools. This tool suggests and curates content from education, technology, fitness and grooming, and health industries.

You must try the white-label report available on Social Pilot for your agency.

Try Out BuzzSumo:

Content is quintessential, and who can better provide this except BuzzSumo? This tool suggests new topics for articles. To enjoy daily inspiration for your infographics, videos, giveaways, interviews, guest posts, and competitor data, you must try this out.

Ranges vary from $79 to $499 per month custom plan.

Use MeetEdgar:

MeetEdgar is a good source of amusement. It works based on Pick and Publishes technique. Choose a recipe or any humorous topic that you want to publish as per your chosen time. It has an auto reshare feature to increase organic traffic.

FourSixty Could Be Great For You:

We recommended FourSixty for Instagram users, E-commerce businesses, and retailers. By using this tool, they can easily monitor the brands and increase sales manifold.

FourSixty features products through posts by adding the share and tag options. It allows you to embed code via email newsletters, shopping pages, and UGC angle.

HootSuite Is A Must Try:

Do you want to connect to several social networks at a time? HootSuite is a must-try for you. HootSuite can very well replace Sprout Social, and so using any one of them will suffice your requirement.

Salesforce, SocialFlow, Marketo are some of the programs of HootSuite. You must request a demo to access this tool.

Information About Social Bakers:

If there is any tool that you cannot do without, it is none other than Social Bakers. Enjoy real-time insight for any social media network through this tool. You can access engagement, report generation, and results under one umbrella.

Please Try TweetReach:

PPC agency Columbus highly recommends TweetReach. As the name suggests, this is useful for Twitter. From monitoring to tracking from engagement to export from the determination of reach to locate influencers – this tool can play wonders.

All About ly: helps its users to customize, shorten the length of lengthy URLs. This tool is free to use. This tool is a must-try for the newbies.

Go For eClincher:

Using eClincher, one can publish his posts, reply to his social network messages, and analyze its performance. Try its unique feature for auto-post.

Use it to generate traffic for your website.

How Helpful Is MavSocial?

Social media marketing agency Columbu  suggests using MavSocial for visual content. Access its digital library and search engine for managing, editing your posts, and browsing, respectively.

Why Should You Go For Crowdfire:

Use Crowdfire for scheduling and managing your social media account. It offers an easy connection to YouTube channels, blogs, online shops, etc.

This tool is affordable for users. If you doubt, you can also go for a free trial and weigh the pros and cons.

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